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School 14

This is the original site and the original building of School No. 14.Throughout these many years, thousands of young children have received their educational start here. For the past 114 years, administrators and teachers have been stressing the importance of quality education and good citizenship. Each in their own way have contributed to the survival of School No. 14.

The land for School No. 14 was purchased for the purpose of building a school in the spring of 1886. It was needed to relieve overcrowding in School 4 and 5 annex. Ground was broken in the fall of 1886 and newspaper accounts reflect that the building was well on its way but not ready for occupancy in September, 1887. The school opened for classes during the decade 1887-88 school year. History also tells us that during the decade 1866-1876, the population of children between the ages of 5 and 18 nearly doubled in Paterson. Such rapid growth continued until the early 1920's.

Records show that in 1887, with over 300 children, occupying the first floor only, there was a faculty of 6 with the first grade teacher, Miss S.E.W. Olmstead, sharing as acting Principal. Other teachers included Misses Maude Wilkin, Maude Teale, Kate Tuttrle, Maggie Huyssoon, and Jessie Graham. School No. 14 was in operation before the idea of Kindergarten came to America from Germany.

The records indicate that the teachers' annual salary was $375.00 each. The acting principal received $400.00. The janitor, Mr. James Leggett, who according to the Paterson Morning Call of August 27, 1887 was elected form a group of nine applicants. His salary was $500.00 per year.

In 1889 Mr. Joseph Norwood was appointed principal at an annual salary of $1200.00. During this time a suitable fence and retaining wall was built for the protection of the children. This wall remains in place today.

Currently, School No. 14 has 298 children enrolled. One principal, one nurse, one secretary, eleven classroom teachers, one media specialist, ten teaching specialists, one teacher's aides, two custodians, cafeteria workers, monitors, and the service of a child study team.

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