Recollections of life in Paterson


Elizabeth Klein

My name is Elizabeth Klein, born on Lowe Street in the Bunker Hill section, by the gas houses,as we called them, actually they were gigantic gas tanks carrying gas to our homes for heat and cooking. Paterson was the greatest!! So many memories..

As kids,we spent much time in our favorite theatres,such as the Rivoli on Main Street,The State on Van Houten Street,or was it Ellison St.,I always got those two confused? How about the U.S. theatre across the street from the Majestic Theatre on Main Street with its vaudeville shows. I was always hoping to see Gene Autry in person there, but never did. Of course, we can't forget the Regent Theatre or the Garden Theatre on Market Street, and last but not least the Fabian Theatre, on Church Street which was the last to go.What a great place to grow up in! We kids loved the movies,and afterward we either went for Hot Texas Weiners at this little place between Main St. and Washington St.,or went to Knickerbocker's on lower Main Street for some homemade ice cream frappes.I lived on Garfield the bottom of Jeff Hill,which cars couldn't get up (the sidewalk was stairs because the hill was so steep).Great when it snowed,sliding down on anything we could find! We kids took turns stopping traffic while sliding,sledding, skiing,etc.

I also fondly remember waiting for the bus behind the city hall,listening to thousands of birds singing above us,in every nook and cranny of buildings seeking shelter from the elements.

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